Benefits of Wool

Wool is the responsible choice for your home, office or school.  Wool offers a family safe habitat for all of us.

Create a warmer, quieter, more breathable home with wool.

Be assured wool is the responsible choice to help protect the environment.

Wool has remarkable versatility and can achieve a wide range of beautiful colours and styles.


People friendly wool  PEOPLE FRIENDLY



planet friendly wool PLANET FRIENDLY



style friendly wool  STYLE FRIENDLY



Learn about all the amazing benefits of having wool in your habitat on our BENEFITS OF WOOL page




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Our Range of Wool Carpets

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Available in five earth-inspired colours, the heavyweight wool twist of this classic, textured carpet creates a comfy, calming ambience.

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Inspired by the farms of the deep South, this ultra-durable cut pile carpet features a classic heather twist and comes in a range of rich colours.

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Sink your toes into the indulgent, textured loop piles of this incredibly snug carpet, designed with reference to the sheep-dotted hills which frame the Otapiri farm.

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Our heaviest, most luxurious carpet is available in three versatile colours, all of which reflect the vibrant, breathtaking environment found throughout Otago.

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Mt Peel

Crafted with multiple coloured fibres to create a heathered blend, the stippled loops of this chunky carpet help to create a warm, welcoming and laidback atmosphere.

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Pa Iti

Low and dense with hard, twist cut piles, this sophisticated range of grey carpets was designed specifically for areas which attract a high volume of foot traffic.

Commercial Tiles

The many beneficial properties of our Wools of New Zealand Contract Carpet Tile make them ideal for using in commercial spaces. Made from 100% New Zealand wool they are of interest to a wide range of organisations and commercial businesses, including the education sector, offices and retail who want to ensure that their premises are more sustainable, whilst looking after the wellbeing of their people.

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