Wools of New Zealand are committed to making carpet tiles of exceptional quality

We make sure our tiles are planet, people and style friendly at affordable prices .. that don’t cost the earth. We also make sure our tiles will last a long time, reducing the impact on the environment when installed in a commercial environment.


Wools of New Zealand warrant all our carpet tiles against defects in materials and workmanship for up to 10 years when installed in a commercial environment.  

Warranty Information

Specification Sheet

Explore each of the Wools of New Zealand authentic carpet tile designs by reading our detailed specification sheet, crafted using New Zealand’s purest guaranteed homegrown wool fibre.


Tile Specification Sheet

Care and Maintenance

We use the very best wool fibre in our products so they will stand the test of time. One of the things we do to ensure your Wools of New Zealand carpet tile has longevity, is provide care and maintenance advice. It takes time for all new carpet product to settle in an interior environment. Wool carpet tiles offer long term benefits – not only are they more durable and stain resistant over time, but they also make commercial interiors safer, healthier, warmer and drier.


Follow our care and maintenance guide to assist you in caring for your new woollen carpet tiles.

Care and Maintenance


Our Wools of New Zealand Carpet Tiles are warranted in accordance with the correct installation of the product.  We recommend following the installation guidelines to ensure that your carpet tiles look seamless and are the feature of your commercial interior. The correct installation can extend the life of the product, benefit occupants and provide superior acoustic properties.

Installation Guideline

Commercial Wool Tile BPIR Declaration

Building Product Information Requirement (BPIR) declaration to satisfy the provisions of the Building Regulations Act 2022.

Commercial Wool Tile BPIR Declaration