Wools of New Zealand exists to deliver exceptional wool products and unparalleled value to the consumer, while simultaneously strengthening the businesses of our grower shareholders. To do that, we operate in two distinct areas – retail and wool procurement.


We work closely with our farmers, are constantly collaborating with various innovation partners, and have built a reputation for quality which is recognised by consumers around the world.

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About Us

It’s fair to say that sheep farming and New Zealand go hand-in-hand – since the late 1850s it’s been our country’s most important agricultural industry. Over the years a number of different entities have overseen and driven the sector. But none have had more of an impact that WNZLP, the organisation formed in 2021 when CP Wool and Wools of New Zealand joined forces.  Designed as a launchpad for the New Zealand wool industry to reach its full potential, WNZLP coordinates an integrated value chain from grower to consumer. The aim is two-fold – to better meet consumer needs with quality carpet that doesn’t cost the earth, while continuing to capture more value for our grower shareholders.


Today, WNZLP is responsible for more than $80m worth of global transactions every year. It employs more than 80 staff, has nearly 4,000 grower suppliers, and owns the highly-regarded NZ Fernmark brand.


The idea of ‘wool that doesn’t cost the earth’ extends well beyond ‘price’.  It’s about producing a product which not only reflects the pristine environment we’re so privileged to call home, but also looks after it. It’s about being a company that is focused on three core pillars – being Planet Friendly, People Friendly and Style Friendly – which guides every decision we make and every action we take.

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Why New Zealand wool is the best

Like all New Zealanders, we’re determined to protect our world for the generations to come. From practices which lower our impact on the environment to policies that protect animal welfare, we constantly strive to give as much back to the land as it gives to us.  Our fresh air, pure water and clean soil all help us to create the most beautiful fibres that are then turned into stunning interior textiles. New Zealand wool is whiter, softer and more consistent than anything else on the planet.