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We grow our own wool so we know it is sustainably and ethically produced. Wool products carry amazing attributes for the benefit of people and the planet.

Wool is truly amazing, and New Zealand wool offers benefits for the health and wellbeing of humans, animals and our planet.


planet friendly wool PLANET FRIENDLY

Grown in unspoilt landscapes with the freshest air and always traceable to source.


People friendly wool PEOPLE FRIENDLY

Able to create a safe and relaxing environment thanks to its natural air filtering capabilities and sound absorption.


style friendly wool STYLE FRIENDLY

incredibly efficient for dyeing and naturally stain resistant.




You can create a warmer, dryer and healthier home with Wool Carpets.

Wool carpets have many benefits to human health and wellbeing.  Wool carpets are completely natural and bring many wonderful features that contribute to a happy healthy home.


  Allergy & Asthma Safe


  Wool is Quieter


  Fire Safe


  Wool is warmer


Wools hero image
Wools hero image


You can breathe easy thanks to wool’s natural air filtering capabilities, trapping allergens like dust and pollen.

There are many health benefits found from including wool fibres within our living environments. As well as being warm and comfortable, wool textiles effectively trap dust and allergens preventing them from irritating the respiratory system by keeping them out of the breathing zone. Especially beneficial for allergy sufferers, wool fibres are too large to be inhaled so are unlikely to cause sneezing and other unpleasant allergic reactions.

Wools of New Zealand is proud to be a Gold Partner of the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation New Zealand.


With wool there is less chance of ignition, less likelihood of flames spreading and less smoke, which makes wool one of the safest materials for any living environment.

Wool is one of the most reliable materials when it comes to fire safety. If you compare it to many other textile materials, wool fibres are naturally resistant to burning due to their high keratin protein and moisture content. As well as being more difficult to ignite, there is also a much lower risk of a fire spreading as it burns only weakly, forming a char which tends to extinguish flames.

Wools hero image
Wools hero image


Wool is an excellent sound absorber and can reduce noise by up to 55%, creating a more relaxing environment.

Due to the millions of wool fibres in textiles such as carpets, curtains and cushions, wool is one of the most effective materials for controlling noise indoors. The complex make-up enables it to absorb sounds over a wide range of frequencies making it a popular material in shared spaces such as offices, libraries and hotels.


Wools of New Zealand is 100% owned by the farming families who grow our wool, and like all New Zealanders, they care about passing on our world to the next generation in as good, if not better, condition than it is now.

We aim to lead the world in producing carpets from the highest quality wool which is grown in the most environmentally sensitive way.


Carbon Efficient


Renewable & Biodegradable


Animal Friendly


Fully Traceable





Wools hero image
Wools hero image


We grow our wool super efficiently ensuring only a positive impact on the planet.


Wools of New Zealand’s wool is grown and scoured in large volumes. Our farms average 4000 sheep producing a combined 30 plus million kilograms of wool. Our climate, our selected sheep breeds and our scientific methodology mean we can grow wool far more efficiently than traditional farms in other parts of the world.

It is estimated that the only 0.34 kg of Carbon-di-Oxide equivalent greenhouse gas is attributable to wool per kilo. Wool stores 510 grams of carbon per kg (51%) in its structure, making wool carbon neutral if not carbon negative at the farm gate.

On average our farms store an average 4.5 thousand tonnes of carbon each.


*using data from Beef & Lamb economic report and Beef & Lamb Carbon report.


Wool is a natural and rapidly renewable material. Our sheep grow a new fleece every year, creating wool from nothing but grass.


Wool is a natural fibre. Each sheep grows a new fleece each year that is shorn in the summer to prevent the sheep from getting too hot. Wool is keratin, the same basic chemical as human hair. It is a naturally occurring fibre that nature has ways to digest. Our wool can be recycled, then eventually returned to the soil to continue nature’s cycle.


Wools hero image
Wools hero image


Our farms are audited to ensure excellence in animal husbandry.


The families who grow our wool ensure their animals are treated with care and respect.


The quality of our wool depends on the health and wellbeing of our farms and our animals. Wools of New Zealand farmers love working with animals and know that a healthy happy sheep produces superior wool,, which in turn makes a better carpet.



Wools of New Zealand is traceable to the farms and the people who grow it. This means you can trust the products who carry our brands are ethically produced in a sustainable way.


Wools of New Zealand fibre is grown in perfect conditions with care taken to preserve our natural environment. We have implemented integrity programmes and partnered with industry specialists to ensure we are accountable, traceable and sustainable at all times. We want to reassure anyone who uses our wool that they’re choosing an ethically grown and sustainable product

Wools hero image
Wools hero image


New Zealand wool is whiter and brighter which allows whiter whites, deeper blacks and everything in between. Wool is a versatile fibre that is used to create truly beautiful textiles without compromise.


style friendly wool  Colour & Style With Substance


style friendly wool  Superior Appearance Retention




Most sheep in New Zealand are bred to have an entirely white fleece, free of black fibre and low in vegetable matter. It is perfect for creating light pastels and the darkest shades.

Wools of New Zealand farms average 4000 sheep, each one bred to grow consistently white wool free from black hairs, medullated fibres and contamination. We specialise in creating the perfect wool for its intended use and grow our wool to make it incredibly efficient for dyeing.

Wools hero image
Wools hero image


New Zealand wool keeps carpets looking better for longer due to its inbuilt stain protection and naturally resilient crimp, allowing it to bounce back to its original shape.


Wool is naturally soil resistant which means it releases soil up to 25% more readily than synthetic fibres. The finely waxed surface also helps keep dirt in the upper layer of the pile, where it is easily removed by vacuuming. This naturally occurring stain resistance means that textiles made from wool won’t diminish in appearance unlike synthetic alternatives.