The objective of the Privacy Policy is to ensure that Wools of New Zealand collects and stores personal information about its customers, suppliers, and staff in a strictly confidential manner and only uses such information for the purposes of ongoing business.

In doing so, the company also ensures that it complies with the Privacy Act 2020 in all its operations.

Privacy Act 2020

The Privacy Act 2020 establishes 13 information and privacy principles that cover the collection, use, and disclosure of information relating to individuals by Wools of New Zealand, as well as the access to and correction of that information by the individuals concerned.

The 13 information and privacy principles include:

  • Purpose for collection
  • Source of information
  • What to tell an individual
  • Manner of collection
  • Storage and security
  • Access
  • Correction
  • Accuracy
  • Retention
  • Use
  • Disclosure
  • Disclosure outside New Zealand
  • Unique identifiers

Personal information under the Privacy Act 2020 means “information about an identifiable individual.” The Privacy Act 2020 endeavors to balance the rights of the individual to privacy against the rights of the business.

The privacy principles are subject to certain restrictions imposed by the Privacy Act 2020 and may be overridden by provisions in other Acts. The privacy principles are not directly enforceable with the exception of the right to access to personal information. However, a breach of the privacy principles may be investigated by the Privacy Commissioner.

Complaints not settled by the Privacy Commissioner may be referred to the Proceedings Commissioner and may be determined by the Complaints Review Tribunal.

Privacy Officer

The Act requires that each Agency appoint at least one person who fulfills the role of Privacy Officer. The responsibilities of the Privacy Officer are to:

  • Be familiar with the privacy principles in the Privacy Act.
  • Work to make sure the organization complies with the Privacy Act.
  • Deal with any complaints from the organization’s clients about possible privacy breaches.
  • Deal with requests for access to personal information or correction of personal information.
  • Act as the organization’s liaison with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

The Chief Financial Officer acts as Wools of New Zealand Privacy Officer.

Use of personal information

We will only use personal information provided to us for the purpose of:

  • Administering, evaluating and improving the site.
  • Improving our services.
  • Responding to your feedback and information provided.

If you provide personal information, it is held securely by WNZ and will not be retained once it is no longer needed. Email addresses are not made available to the public. Unless required by law, we will not disclose the names or email addresses of individuals who provide feedback to us or who contact us via submission forms without their consent.