Commercial Tiles

Wools of New Zealand wool carpet tiles bring inspiring natural landscape designs to your indoor space.  Our three unique designs reflect the soft shapely lines found in a rural setting, set against bold linear features of urban blocks.   The designs have been crafted so that they can be textually intertwined to create stunning visual interior feature flooring.

Each of the three designs feature six standard colours in an array of earthy based tones, light grassy greens and deep watery blues, resonating with the visual colours of our New Zealand landscape.


6 colour options

wool contract carpet tiles

6 colour options


6 colour options

Comfortbase Acoustic Backing

To complement our wool tile, we have chosen Comfortbase as our preferred carpet tile backing because of its high-performing and environmentally friendly cushioning. Comfortbase has a luxurious walking comfort under foot, with superior softness whilst seated.

Wools of New Zealand contract tiles box
Wools of New Zealand contract tiles

Co-ordinate between our three designs

Let your inner interior designer go to work to create your unique indoor palette.  The three designs have been crafted so that you can use coloured, or textural highlights both within, and across the ranges.

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