Wools of New Zealand are committed to making carpets of exceptional quality.  We make sure our carpets are planet, people and style friendly at affordable prices .. that don’t cost the earth. We also make sure our carpets will last a long time, reducing the impact on the environment whilst you own a Wools of New Zealand carpet.


Wools of New Zealand warrant all our carpets against defects in materials and workmanship for up to 15 years when installed in a private household.  The warranty includes a 15-year warranty against visible damage caused by insect or moth infestation.  Our carpet yarns are treated with Pyrethrin, a natural insecticide extracted from the Chrysanthemum flower, a plant native to north-eastern Europe, Asia, and Eastern Africa. Pyrethrin is not harmful to humans or animals and only effects insects if they consume the wool it is attached to.

Warranty Information

Care and Maintenance

We use the very best carpet fibre in our products so they will stand the test of time. One of the things we do to ensure owning a Wools of New Zealand carpet does not cost the earth is to provide care and maintenance advice.

It takes time for all new carpet to settle in a home.  Wool carpets offer long term benefits to consumers – not only are they more durable and stain resistant over time, but they also make homes safer, healthier, warmer and drier.  The most important things you can do are vacuum regularly, attend to spills immediately and have your carpet routinely cleaned by a professional.

Follow our care and maintenance guide to assist you in caring for your new woollen carpet.

Care and Maintenance

Broadloom Carpet Residential BPIR Declaration

Building Product Information Requirement (BPIR) declaration to satisfy the provisions of the Building Regulations Act 2022.

Residential Broadloom Carpet BPIR Declaration

Specification Sheets

Explore each of the Wools of New Zealand authentic carpet ranges by reading our detailed specification sheets, crafted using New Zealand’s purest guaranteed homegrown wool fibre.

Shannon Collection

Takitimu Collection

Pa Iti Collection

Otapiri Collection

Mt Peel Collection